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Bartosz posted 3 months ago

Where to have an 18th birthday party?

Are you wondering where to have an 18th birthday party? If it falls in late spring, summer, or early autumn, organize it in the garden! Here are a few tips on how to prepare the perfect outdoor birthday party.

Why is an 18th birthday party in the garden a great idea?

An 18th birthday party in the garden is a perfect idea for those who love spending time outdoors and also for those who don’t have enough space at home to accommodate all the guests. Naturally, those most interested in this idea will be celebrants whose birthdays occur in spring, summer, or early autumn. Although, with a bit of determination and the right preparation, such as providing a heated marquee or standing heaters, you can also organize an 18th birthday party in winter.

An 18th birthday party in the garden is a blend of the privacy of a home setting with the charm and freedom of a green space. Moreover, you can create a unique scenery and backdrop for photos.

A garden party allows for creating an intimate atmosphere for guests. It’s a good place for an 18th celebration among family or a lively party for friends. When you have access to open space, you can organize a variety of attractions, such as outdoor games, a bonfire, or a barbecue. This will make the celebration an unforgettable experience.

In a garden space, it’s easier to adjust the table settings, lighting, and other elements to the party’s theme, the number of guests, or the style of the event. The ability to use the natural scenery, like trees or flowers, further emphasizes the unique character of the celebration.

Having an 18th birthday party in the garden on your own property is also a cost-saving measure. This way, you save on renting a venue. You can also prepare snacks yourself or hire a catering service.

Planning an 18th Birthday Party in the Garden – Step by Step

Wondering where to have your 18th? If you’re leaning towards organizing an outdoor party in the garden, make sure you prepare well for this event. Here are some steps to consider.

Choosing the Date and Logistics

Planning an 18th birthday party in the garden starts with choosing the right date. It doesn’t always have to be the exact birthdate of the celebrant. Factors such as weather, guest availability, and the possibility of booking any service providers should be considered. Ideally, if you can set a date in the warmer months, this increases the chances of good weather. It’s also important to notify guests early so they can plan their time.

The logistics issue includes ensuring easy access and comfort for guests. It’s worth taking care of proper signage for the party location and access to sanitary facilities. If the party is to last into the night, providing lighting for the garden and paths may be necessary.

Furniture and Tents for an 18th Birthday in the Garden

If you’re worried about bad weather, consider hiring marquee. They will protect against rain or too much sun but will also add elegance to your party. The type of garden furniture you organize for the birthday party mainly depends on the menu you plan. If you want to serve a hot meal, tables and chairs will be necessary.

There should be exactly as many seating places at the table as there are guests so that everyone can comfortably eat their meal. However, if you plan to serve snacks in the form of a so-called cold plate, you can organize comfortable sofas, poufs, benches, or other types of seats. It’s important that every guest finds a comfortable spot for themselves.

Also, don’t forget about accessories for the furniture that will give your party its character — from casual picnic blankets and cushions to elegant tables and chairs.

Decorations and Garden Styling

Decorations can completely transform the character of the party. From the beginning of the planning process, define a central theme — this will help you choose accessories. You can decide on a specific color, style (e.g., boho, vintage), night club (disco lights, beer pong table etc.) or even a theme (e.g., movie night, a garden full of lights).

Using light garlands, lanterns, candles, or even DIY decorations can create a magical atmosphere. Natural elements of the garden, such as trees or flowers, can be further highlighted with appropriate lighting or decorations.

Entertainment and Attractions for Guests

Don’t let your guests get bored. You can plan outdoor games, a photo booth with props related to the theme of the party, or even a dance or fire show. Hiring a DJ or using your own playlist to entertain guests is also a good idea. It’s important that every planned form of entertainment is safe and suitable for the garden space.

Inspirations for an 18th Birthday in the Garden

Looking for inspiration on where to have an 18th birthday party? Here are a few ideas on how to arrange a green space for a birthday party.

Thematic Garden Decorations

Boho Chic

Create a relaxed, artistic atmosphere with boho elements like macrame, lanterns, rugs, and colorful cushions scattered on the grass. Use natural materials — wood, linen, cotton. Add live flowers and plants to strengthen the connection with nature.

Elegant Evening Gala

Offer guests an elegant party with white tablecloths, crystal glasses, and silver cutlery. Decorations can include fine, delicate lights wrapping around trees and floral garlands.

1920s Themed Party

For a 1920s theme, use pearl garlands, feathers, and gold accents. Ask guests to dress in period costumes. Prepare themed drinks, organize a card game table, and definitely invite guests to learn the Charleston dance.

Creative Lighting and Light Arrangements

Hang bulb garlands over the party space, creating a starry sky. This will not only light up the space but also add charm and magic. Place lanterns and candles in safe spots, creating an intimate and warm atmosphere. Use floating lanterns if you have a pond or pool in the garden. Place solar lights around the garden, which will charge during the day and shine after dark. This is an eco-friendly and efficient solution that will create a unique atmosphere.

Create Chill-out and Relaxation Zones for Guests

Provide your guests with comfortable hammocks and loungers where they can relax and enjoy the fresh air. Set up tents or tipis in the garden, equipping them with soft pillows, blankets, and small tables. This will create cozy nooks for rest and conversation.

An outdoor cinema can become the highlight of the evening! Set up a screen and projector to show a favorite movie or photos of the celebrant in the evening. Arrange poufs, pillows, and blankets to create a cinematic atmosphere under the stars.

Practical Tips for Organizing a Birthday Party in the Garden

Now that you know where to have an 18th birthday party, also think about practical solutions when planning the event.

Plan B

First, if you decide to have an 18th birthday party in the garden, prepare a Plan B in case of bad weather. Hire in large garden marquee or gazebo that will provide shelter from rain or intense sun. Make sure they are properly anchored to withstand strong wind. Always have an alternative location ready in case the weather prevents celebrating outdoors. This could be a garage, veranda, or a spacious living room.

Take Care of Proper Food and Drink Service

Another practical tip is to set up several snack and drink stations. Distribute food in several places instead of creating one large buffet to avoid lines and crowding. Remember, if you are outdoors, you have to consider that food and drinks will lose their temperature quickly, and insects may become a problem. Therefore, use covers for food containers. Keep hot dishes on warmers, and cold drinks in ice. Use plastic or paper plates and utensils to avoid breaking glass and to make cleanup easier.


Don’t forget to provide proper lighting for paths, entrances, and activity areas, so guests can move safely around the garden after dark. Sometimes candles or light garlands are not enough.

Insect Protection

Provide guests with insect repellent, such as citronella candles, and make sure that seating areas are adequately protected.

Prepare an Unforgettable Day with Party Slate

Looking for an idea on where to organize an 18th birthday? If it takes place in the warmer months, prepare a garden party! Decorate the green space, prepare the right garden furniture, and provide guests with protection from the cold or possible rain.

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