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Bartosz posted 3 months ago

Wedding in a Marquee - Costs, Pros, and Cons

A tent wedding is mainly associated with the ambiance of romantic comedies or the lavish weddings of stars and celebrities. It’s an idea worth considering because a portable banquet hall can be freely arranged and adapted to practically any style. A boho tent wedding? Absolutely! Or perhaps palace glamour? That works too. Alright, but let’s take this step by step.

Outdoor weddings, including those under a tent, are gaining popularity year by year. A big advantage is that you don’t have to conform to the availability dates offered by restaurants or wedding halls, and you can prepare your party without waiting for a free slot. A tent wedding is a perfect choice if you have a beautiful, large garden or another green area where you could set it up. What if you don’t have such a space? Then you need to find a suitable location. Where should you place it? How to organize a tent wedding so it remains memorable for your guests? We offer some advice!

Where to set up the marquee for the wedding?

When planning a tent wedding, first, you need to make a series of important decisions. The location should be beautiful and spacious enough to accommodate a suitably large wedding tent with tables and chairs for guests and the necessary equipment. The ground should be relatively gentle and flat, ideally grassy. A nicely and aesthetically arranged area around the tent, with a patio, flower-lined walkways , trees, or by a lake, provides a perfect backdrop for the wedding ceremony. The beautiful surroundings can be used for planning a short wedding outdoor session and family photos.

The more guests you invite, the larger the tent for an outdoor wedding and the area needed to set it up. If you plan a lively celebration, you should reserve space for a dance floor and prepare a stage for a music band or DJ, as well as ensure proper sound system, lighting, and consequently, access to electricity. Plan to rent the wedding tent well in advance. Remember, dates might be booked out several months ahead.

Marquee for a wedding – how much does it cost to hire?

The average cost of hiring a wedding tent is around £500-£15.000 but these are very approximate figures, and it’s not advisable to rely on them too strictly. Quotations are usually made individually, and it’s best to consult directly with the chosen rental company. It may turn out that the cost will be significantly less or… even more.

The cost of hiring a marquee for a wedding in the UK can vary widely depending on the type of marquee, size, and customisations required. Generally, for a basic 3m x 6m marquee hire with no extra features, the cost is around £150 to £200 for a single day hire. For larger marquees, such as 9m x 12m, prices can range from £400 to £700 . Another source notes that hiring a marquee for a wedding, party, festival, or another event can cost between £350 and £4500+, with the average cost for 100 guests being around £2000 . These figures suggest that the pricing for marquee rentals in the UK covers a broad spectrum, influenced by the specifics of each event.

When compiling the final cost estimate, such factors are taken into consideration as:

  • the type and purpose of the tent,
  • its size,
  • the choice of ground surface,
  • additional equipment (e.g., dance floor, air conditioners, heating lamps, ceiling lining, drapery, etc.),
  • the location of the event (this refers both to the town/city and the physical placement of the tent – in an open space or, for example, next to a building),
  • the date of the event (including setup and take-down dates).

What are the other costs associated with hosting a marquee wedding?

The costs listed above, unfortunately, don’t cover everything. You need to be aware that when it comes to “hiring a marquee for a wedding,” the final price might end up being quite a surprise.

Because the banquet hall itself isn’t enough to organize the wedding of your dreams – it needs to be decorated, equipped with the necessary gear and furniture, and provided with food and alcohol. Rental services offer a wide range of equipment, but each item is usually charged separately.

Below is a short guide to additional costs:

  • tables and chairs,
  • tablecloths and covers,
  • decorations,
  • dance floor,
  • flowers,
  • catering and event service,
  • tableware,
  • lighting,
  • flooring,
  • toilets (if you’re hosting a wedding in an open field, portable toilets become a necessity),
  • repellents and/or insecticidal lamps (when the event is held, for example, in the middle of summer by a lake).

The price also depends on the type of tent you decide on. Whether it be a Tipi Marquee, Yurt Marquee, Pagoda Marquee , Clearspan marquee, Indian marquee, Sailcloth marquee, Stretch Tents or Traditional Pole Marquee.

If you’d like to organize an intimate wedding for about 40-50 people and you’re aiming for the lowest cost, you can rent a 4m x 8m marquee. Beautifully decorating such a tent will create a great venue for your small, intimate wedding for close family and friends. The price of such a tent ranges from £300-£700 depending on the location.

Pros and Cons of a Tent Wedding

Pros of a Tent Wedding:

  • The ability to create a fully personalized space – tents can be combined into various modules, have transparent walls, or an arched or dome construction. Only your imagination is the limit!
  • A great alternative when you’re set on a specific date and all venues are already booked.
  • An event strictly on your terms, wherever you want – without the risk, as with a wedding hall, of having a parallel event happening in the building next door.
  • Beautiful memories – priceless.

Cons of a Tent Wedding:

  • The final price – it may turn out that the cost of a tent wedding will be similar to a hall event, where you additionally don’t have to worry about service and sanitary facilities.
  • Modern tents cope very well with various weather conditions; however, cold/heat, wind, rain can still be troublesome.
  • Location – not every idea of yours will be feasible to execute.
  • Extensive logistics, which can be stressful – often, hiring a wedding planner, who helps organize everything from A to Z, becomes necessary.

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