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Bartosz posted 3 months ago

Preparations for the wedding - attractions, music, accessories, wedding dress and suit

An important stage is all the extras, attractions and music that will build the atmosphere of your wedding. It is great if the whole thing is coherent. For example, if you decide on boho style, it would be nice if the photo booth had a similar atmosphere and the bartenders did not come in a glamour car. It’s worth paying attention to the details.

Organizing a wedding can be a monumental task, leaving many couples wondering about the starting point for their nuptial planning. Considering the event’s overall essence and the ambiance you desire is crucial. Reflect on whether hosting a grand affair truly aligns with your wishes. In responding to the query, “Where should one begin with wedding planning?” I recommend initiating the process by deliberating if your preference leans towards a trendy, extravagant celebration or something uniquely tailored to your personal style.

Wedding styles

Wedding styles can vary widely, reflecting the personalities and preferences of the couple. Here are some popular wedding styles:

Traditional/Formal Wedding: This style adheres to classic wedding customs and etiquette, often held in a religious venue with a formal reception.

Rustic Wedding: Emphasizes natural beauty with elements like barns, wooden decorations, and nature-inspired elements.

Vintage Wedding: Draws inspiration from a particular era, with antique and retro touches in the decor, attire, and music.

Bohemian (Boho) Wedding: Features a free-spirited, eclectic mix of natural, rustic, and vintage elements, often with a focus on earthy and floral motifs.

Modern/Contemporary Wedding: Characterized by sleek lines, minimalist decor, and a focus on modern sophistication and trends.

Beach/Destination Wedding: Typically held at a seaside or exotic location, focusing on a relaxed atmosphere with scenic natural backdrops.

Glamorous Wedding: Involves luxury and elegance, with glamorous decor elements like crystals, sophisticated color schemes, and opulent flowers.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Wedding: Reflects the personal touches of the couple through handmade details and decorations.

Eco-Friendly/Green Wedding: Focuses on sustainability, with environmentally friendly practices and materials throughout the wedding planning and execution.

Cultural/Religious Wedding: Incorporates the traditions and customs of the couple’s cultural or religious backgrounds.

Garden/Outdoor Wedding: Utilizes outdoor spaces like gardens, vineyards, or parks, highlighting natural beauty and simplicity.

Elopement Wedding: A simple, intimate ceremony, often with just the couple and a few close individuals or witnesses, sometimes in a unique or spontaneous location.

Whimsical Wedding: Characterized by playful, often colorful and imaginative elements, creating a fun and lighthearted atmosphere.

Each style has its unique charm and can be customized to suit the couple’s individual tastes and preferences.

Preparations for the wedding

An important stage is all the extras, attractions and music that will build the atmosphere of your wedding. It is great if the whole thing is coherent. For example, if you decide on boho style, it would be nice if the photo booth had a similar atmosphere and the bartenders did not come in a glamour car. It’s worth paying attention to the details.

Wedding music and wedding florist

Having settled on your wedding’s style, you’re in a better position to hunt for a florist who can mirror this aesthetic in their floral arrangements. Music, however, is a far more personal choice. It demands careful consideration not just about its presence at your celebration but also about the type it should take. Do you envision the elegance of a choir, the lively energy of a band, the intimate ambiance created by an atmospheric violin, or the dynamic vibe a DJ could bring? Each option sets a distinct tone for your event, making it essential to align your musical selection with the overall mood you’re aiming to achieve at your wedding.

Additional attractions at the wedding

Photo booth

A photo booth is a fantastic addition to any wedding because it offers guests a fun, interactive way to capture memories of the day. It not only provides entertainment but also leaves everyone with personalized keepsakes to remember the celebration by. You can hire such a photo booth for your wedding. Often the renters also add some funny accessories, which makes the photos even better keepsake.


Enchants guests with close-up magic and spectacular tricks, creating an atmosphere of wonder and excitement, making every moment feel a bit more magical.

Fire Show

A mesmerizing performance of dancers twirling with flames under the night sky, captivating guests with its beauty and the skill of the performers.

Fireworks show

The sky lights up with a dazzling array of colours, marking the celebration with a grand, breathtaking spectacle that unites everyone in a moment of awe. This is another added attraction for your guests that is sure to be memorable for them.

Bouncy Castle

If your wedding guest list includes a significant number of children, a bouncy castle is a thoughtful and effective way to ensure they’re entertained and engaged throughout the event. This not only provides them with a fun and safe activity that can keep them occupied for hours but also allows parents to relax and enjoy the celebration, knowing their kids are having a great time. A bouncy castle can be a colorful and exciting addition to your wedding, offering a perfect outlet for kids to expend energy, make new friends, and create their joyful memories of your special day. Numerous companies provide hire services for bounce castles, catering to diverse event themes. If your wedding boasts an elegant aesthetic, you can choose a white bouncy castle, or perhaps one in soft pastel hues that harmonize with your wedding’s style.

Wedding dress and wedding suit

You have already decided on the style of the wedding. So you know in what climate the whole event will be. How to organise the wedding: what to do next? Now it’s the turn of the wedding dress and possible accessories. What accessories are we talking about? Jewellery, maybe a garland if the whole thing is more of a rustic style? It all depends on the style. The suit is a simpler matter, although here too you can combine a lot. Wedding rings are a matter of individual choice, some people go for the classic, others go for white gold, for example.

Organising a wedding

Organising a wedding is quite the challenge. It involves many decisions, plans, and things to sort out. It also brings a lot of stress and nerves. Therefore, it’s wise to start early and keep everything under control. Here are a few steps that will help you:

  • Organising a wedding means choosing the date and venue. This is fundamental and influences many other aspects. Book your wedding venue and church or registry office well in advance to ensure they’re available. Also, consider a location for your photo session that matches your style and concept.
  • Organising a wedding also involves budgeting and the guest list. It’s important to know how much you can spend and who you can count on. Make a guest list and invite them to your wedding and reception. Inform them about the details and ask for an RSVP. Take care of invitations, thank you notes, and gifts for the guests.
  • To properly organise your wedding, you must also choose a wedding dress and suit. This is one of the most crucial elements of your appearance. Find a dress and suit that fit your silhouette, personality, and style. Book fittings and alterations to ensure everything is perfectly tailored. Also, think about accessories, jewellery, shoes, and the bouquet.
  • Organise your wedding with good music and decorations. This is key to creating the right atmosphere and ambiance at your wedding. Choose a band or DJ who will play music you like and entertain the guests. Opt for decorations that match the theme and colour scheme of your wedding. Take care of flowers, balloons, candles, garlands, and other ornaments.
  • Organising a wedding also includes choosing a photographer! This is an essential part of your wedding. It’s a keepsake that will accompany you for life. Therefore, it’s worth choosing a photographer who will take extraordinary photos, which will be a special memento for you.

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