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Bartosz posted 3 months ago

Outdoor wedding – how to organize it? What is worth knowing?

Dreaming of an outdoor wedding? Organizing such an event requires proper preparation. See what elements you need to consider to experience the intimate outdoor wedding of your dreams. We suggest how to decorate the garden for the wedding and wedding reception.

Outdoor Wedding – Is it the right solution for you?

If you want to create an intimate and cozy event in the middle of summer, an outdoor wedding might be a perfect solution. You must be aware that such a ceremony will definitely differ from one held in a civil registry office or a church. Before you decide on an outdoor wedding, answer a few questions.

What budget are you willing to allocate for an outdoor wedding?

The cost of an outdoor wedding depends on your means. In addition to the standard wedding costs associated with catering, service, a band or DJ, photographer, and wedding outfits, you must consider expenses such as venue rental (e.g., a garden), wedding marquee (strech tent, tipi, pagoda), equipment rental like garden chairs for the ceremony (for example chiavari chairs), garden tables for the reception, dance floor, garden decorations (e.g., garden umbrellas or pergolas), as well as lighting and heating. Therefore, sometimes a small outdoor wedding may cost more than a celebration in a wedding hall.

Outdoor Wedding – How to Plan It Step by Step?

Organizing an outdoor wedding can differ from a traditional wedding held in a venue or a wedding hall. To not miss any detail, below you will find a step-by-step plan on what elements to remember during the preparations for this important event.

Step 1: Choose the outdoor wedding location
Opt for a picturesque outdoor location such as a garden, beach, park, or vineyard. Make sure it is available, has the necessary facilities, and meets your expectations. If you’re opting for a marquee wedding, ensure you book a marquee that’s sufficiently spacious to comfortably accommodate all your guests. Numerous exquisite options are available, including elegant wedding marquees, tipi, yurt and stretch tents, ensuring you find the perfect setting for your special day.

Step 2: Define the budget
Determine how much you can spend on an outdoor wedding. The price for venue and equipment rental is often dependent on the location. Consider this when choosing a location for the ceremony.

Step 3: Pick a date and season
Choose a convenient date, taking the weather forecast into account. Make sure the season is suitable for an outdoor wedding.

Step 4: Create a schedule
Draft a detailed schedule of the event, including the ceremony, reception, speeches, dances, and other planned activities. Remember to allow time for preparations before the ceremony.

Step 5: Order catering
Book a catering company that provides outdoor services. Make sure they can handle the preparation and serving of dishes outdoors. Then hire staff – a bartender and waiters who have experience with outdoor events.

Step 6: Arrange decorations and garden furniture
Ensure your guests have comfortable accommodations. Consider purchasing or renting furniture suitable for outdoor use, with garden furniture being an ideal choice. Then, select decorations that match the theme and style of your wedding. Flowers, garlands, lanterns, or other elements can enhance the charm of the venue.

Step 7: Consider logistics
Think about parking, restrooms, electricity supply, and other practical matters. Ensure guests will have easy access to necessary facilities.

Step 8: Inform your guests!
If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, let your guests know by providing all the essential information. A good tip – suggest a dress code on the invitation. Opt for a less formal attire that will make everyone feel comfortable during the outdoor ceremony.

Step 9: Have a Plan B
Have an alternative plan in case of bad weather. Rent a tent that can provide shelter in case of rain or excessive sunlight. Garden umbrellas will also be useful!

Wedding Reception

Even a small outdoor wedding and reception is a significant logistical undertaking. What do you need to consider?

Meal Area – Tables and Chairs

Meals are a crucial part of the wedding program. Decorate tables and chairs that perform well outdoors appropriately. If the ground is unstable, consider a platform. Lay clean tablecloths on the tables, place flowers, and set up formal, elegant dinnerware. You can adorn the chairs with flowers or dress them in white or pastel covers.


Planning dances and games during the reception? Prepare a place for that. Rent or build a stable and level “dance floor” where guests can dance all night.

Relaxation Area

Also, think about a charming nook where you can catch a breath after meals or during a break from dancing. Place garden baskets or loungers. Decorate them with comfortable boho chic pillows, place romantic lanterns, and soft lights there.

Catering Area

Nearby, you can set up a wedding bar where a bartender will prepare drinks for guests. Also, consider a station with desserts or small snacks.

Lighting and Heating

For the fairy-tale wedding and the following reception to be a great success, decoration is not everything. If you’re planning a nighttime event, you must include lighting in your plan (think about how to arrange lamps and where you’ll get the power source) and heating (e.g., patio heaters).

Intimate outdoor wedding – are you ready for it?

Organizing an outdoor wedding is quite a complicated logistical endeavor. However, the whole effort is truly worth it!

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