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Bartosz posted 3 months ago

Intimate wedding reception vs. lavish party

Extroverts and those who value the company of others simply cannot imagine a wedding with fewer than 150 guests, excluding both close and distant relatives and friends. A grand wedding is a norm for them. Conversely, for introverts, starting life with a boisterous wedding is an absolute nightmare. They often acquiesce to such arrangements to fulfil the dream of their other half or their parents. It’s not uncommon for these individuals to desire inviting the whole family to their children’s wedding.

A lavish wedding or an intimate reception?

You’re pondering how to organise a wedding and reception. Whether you’re enticed by a modest wedding reception or a large celebration🎉, you must understand that each has its pros and cons. And the size of the reception is a dilemma for many couples. Lavish parties or intimate wedding receptions? Which is the better option? Let’s consider both!

Pros of a lavish wedding

Many couples dream of a grand wedding. For them, organising a wedding is an adventure, a challenge, and an opportunity to celebrate the start of a new life. They want as many loved ones as possible to accompany them.

Do you enjoy being the centre of attention? Then you will be!

At a large wedding, the spotlight is on the young couple! Everyone offers you their best wishes and embraces. If you decide to organise a big wedding, your guests will remember that evening for a long time.

The newlyweds will have many guests

Close and distant relatives and friends will come for the wedding and reception. This way, you have the chance to ensure no family member is left out. If you have large families and want to celebrate this day together, it’s worth opting for a larger guest list.

This one time in life, you’ll fulfill dreams!

Many women dream of a perfect, fairy-tale wedding. If you have the opportunity, it’s worth making your wedding dreams come true. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime day!

Cons of a lavish wedding

Unfortunately, a grand reception also has significant downsides. For many, organising it can be a real challenge and a source of immense stress. Get to know the pros and cons before you decide on such a reception.

Wedding size and costs

A lavish party entails considerable expense. This is something you unfortunately need to remember when organising a wedding. A large wedding for several hundred people, held according to tradition, involves huge costs, often exceeding the financial capabilities of the young couple. Remember, organising a wedding is a substantial expense.

Wedding size and your comfort

Opting to organise a grand celebration doesn’t always mean you’ll feel comfortable at your own wedding. It’s often said that even distant relatives should be invited, but if there are many people you barely know, the atmosphere may not feel familial, and you might feel surrounded by strangers.

The stress of organising a large wedding

This option can be associated with a lot of stress. With larger receptions, it’s harder to ensure everything is perfect, and the wedding day is already a significant experience for the young couple.

Pros of an intimate wedding reception

An intimate celebration definitely means less stress and lower expenses. Discover the other advantages of such an event.

A closer circle of friends equals lower costs

Many couples opt for this kind of event due to financial reasons. A small wedding ceremony means more savings. If you’re not set on having a large, lavish party, the wedding won’t be such a financial burden.

This way, you can spend time with your closest ones

Want to spend time together, stress-free? Celebrating with your nearest and dearest will ensure an intimate, family-like atmosphere. You’ll have more time for your best friends and will be able to talk to every guest. Everyone will be able to focus on what’s most important (which is you).

Comfort during the ceremony

Opting for an intimate event means the couple, surrounded by their closest ones, will feel completely at ease. You won’t be embarrassed about your emotions and won’t feel as stressed as you might in front of a larger “audience”.

Cons of an intimate wedding reception

Especially for introverts, a small gathering is very tempting. They don’t have to step out of their comfort zone. But what about others? See what drawbacks a small ceremony has.

Some may feel left out

Uninvited loved ones may feel excluded. Not everyone will understand that you didn’t have bad intentions and that you planned a small wedding reception from the start instead of a grand party. Unfortunately, with a limited number of guests, this is something you have to be prepared for.

You might feel something was missing

You might feel something was missing. It’s a unique day, remembered for a lifetime. Years later, you might slightly regret not having gone all out at your own wedding and look back with a hint of envy at other couples’ celebrations. During a family dinner, you might feel as if nothing special had happened just a while ago, even though you got married! An intimate reception will have a completely different atmosphere than a typical wedding, so guests might also feel a bit uncomfortable.

Small or large wedding reception?

Each has its drawbacks and advantages. The choice of celebration depends on the individual preferences of the bride and groom. Below is a simple summary for you: a lavish wedding or a small reception. What do you choose?

Pros of the Wedding Reception — Intimate Wedding Reception vs. Grand Celebration

Grand CelebrationIntimate Wedding Reception
Many guests, many conversations.
Reuniting with family you haven’t seen in a long time.
No one will be left out.
Lots of beautiful memories.
More gifts.
The newlyweds are in the spotlight.
Great fun until the early hours (fantastic wedding games with many guests).
Everyone will be talking about you.
Many entries in the guest book.
You can show your creativity.
Low budget.
An intimate atmosphere on this big day.
You enjoy time with family and friends; only those you care about are present.
You feel more comfortable.
Less organizing, less fatigue, less stress.
You have many venue options for the wedding — the number of people does not affect the choice of location.

Cons of Wedding Reception: Modest Wedding or Grand Celebration?

Grand CelebrationIntimate Wedding Reception
High Budget.
A lot of organization.
Often it’s exhausting.
It’s easy to forget something.
More stress.
Mainly the guests have fun; you have to take care of everything.
Lavish weddings require a large hall in a wedding venue.
Everyone will be kissing you.
Fewer gifts.
You may feel that you’re not celebrating this day enough.
Distant relatives may feel slighted.
Parents who wanted a wedding might feel upset.

Before you start planning your wedding and reception, think carefully about what type of reception you are dreaming of and how these visions will relate to reality. It’s not an easy decision to make! We are keeping our fingers crossed for you!

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