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Bartosz posted 3 months ago

Ideas for a bohemian-style bachelorette party in the garden

A bohemian-style bachelorette party is an interesting idea for a bride who loves rustic decorations and being in touch with nature. How to plan this party to make it absolutely unforgettable? Consider including sauna sessions and jacuzzi baths and create a beautiful, mysterious garden using boho decorations!

Boho Bachelorette Party – Is it worth it?

What is this style? Boho is short for bohemian, which is often translated as eclectic, free, romantic, mystical. The artistic bohemia lived in the poor districts of Paris in the 19th century – it is also the subject of the famous opera by Giacomo Puccini, titled ‘La Bohème’.

The popular boho style is now associated with elements of the hippie style from the 60s and 70s, ethnic and folkloric motifs in fashion and space decor. It is a free combination of different cultures, traditions, colors, and patterns. This style also includes many references to mysticism and contact with nature.

In interior and garden decor, boho primarily consists of unique decorative elements such as macrame, rugs from natural materials, large, comfortable pillows, fringed blankets, huge white garden tents, and wooden chairs, tables, or benches. It is characterized by unforced elegance and naturalness. Creating boho arrangements often involves warm, natural colors with the addition of distinctive accents. Floral or animal motifs also frequently appear.

So, is a bohemian-style bachelorette party in the garden a good idea? Absolutely! If the bride-to-be loves romantic decorations and outdoor parties, then a rustic-style event could be a perfect hit. The secret ingredient to a successful evening might be attractions such as sauna sessions or enjoying relaxing baths in a jacuzzi.

Bachelorette party in the garden – what to remember?

A bohemian-style bachelorette party in the garden is a perfect way to have a summer celebration surrounded by nature. What should you remember when planning an outdoor party? Here are a few key aspects:

Finding and preparing the location

A beautiful, spacious garden is a key element of the whole event. Mature trees, surrounded by flowers and plush, soft lawns that can be run on barefoot, are the dream scenery for a boho bachelorette party. You can organize the party at a private home. If that’s not an option, it’s worth looking for venues that provide such conditions.

To create the right atmosphere, think about setting up wooden tables, chairs, or loungers. Adding swings decorated with flowers or ribbons will also enhance the scenery. On the grass or inside a marquee, you can spread rugs and pillows in boho patterns to provide extra comfort and convenience for casual conversations or relaxation. Make sure there is enough space for all guests.

Bachelorette Party – Boho Decorations

If you’re hiring a special place for this occasion, most of the amenities such as tents, marquees, gazebos, garden furniture, or tableware will already be in place. However, you will still need boho decorations.

You can decorate the garden furniture with white fabric, colorful ribbons, and lace, as well as natural, seasonal flowers. Place a large macrame in a central location of the party, such as above the bar or inside a marquee. Hang romantic lanterns and light garlands on the trees – think about power supply, such as batteries or an extension cord, to provide electricity. Decorate tables and relaxation spots with candle holders and candles – they will give the place a magical atmosphere, especially after dark. It’s important that the decorations are cohesive and create a harmonious whole with the surroundings.

Plan the menu and order catering

When planning the menu, consider light snacks and drinks. As the party organizer, think about whether you want to prepare the food yourself, or it would be better to hire a professional catering company or simply order food from the future bride’s favorite restaurant. You can plan one main meal and provide small snacks – salads, sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables with dips. The bachelorette party in the garden can also be held with a barbecue. Think about who will take care of preparing the food on the grill.

Also, remember about various drinks – from refreshing cocktails to aromatic teas. You can set up a portable bar in the garden, where alcoholic cocktails will be served. Serve drinks in elegant, crystal glasses and tumblers that fit the atmosphere.


A bachelorette party in the garden is the perfect opportunity to plan various activities. Workshops on making jewelry, macrame, or weaving wreaths can be great fun and an opportunity to learn something new.

If possible, also organize relaxation in nature – a picnic, sauna sessions, jacuzzi baths, or even a yoga session. Remember to prepare towels, robes, or even specially designed swimsuits with personalized inscriptions for the guests. To give the boho bachelorette party its unique atmosphere, prepare a special playlist and provide the right sound system. You can also order a professional DJ or musicians – the sounds of drums and acoustic guitar will perfectly complement the evening.

Rustic vs. Boho Bachelorette Party: What Else to Prepare?

Rustic and boho styles are often confused due to their similar aesthetics. The rustic style is more subdued, relying on natural materials and colors such as wood, stone, white, beige, green, and brown. Rustic decorations frequently utilize plant elements – wildflowers, grasses, or fruits. The rustic style has many references to nature and idyllic rural life.

How then to prepare decorations and attractions for a rustic-style bachelorette party that will take place outdoors?

Here too, use lanterns, candles, and light garlands. Let wooden crates serve as garden furniture, which you can cover with linen tablecloths and napkins made of thick canvas. Even bales of hay can be part of the decoration. Remind guests about the theme – let the rustic style also appear in the attire – suggest simple dresses, lace, hats, and natural flowers in the hair.

As for activities, a rustic-style bachelorette party is the perfect opportunity to organize a bonfire, roast sausages, or potatoes. You can also plan folk entertainments, such as workshops on making preserves, baking bread, or embroidery.

Don’t forget about a Plan B in case of bad weather! Set up garden tents that will protect guests from the rain. You can hire marquee or gazebo that you can decorate. As mentioned, they fit perfectly both in the boho and rustic climates. In case of cold, set up patio heaters in the garden – the glowing flames will not only provide warmth but also create a romantic atmosphere.

A bohemian-style bachelorette party – the perfect plan for an outdoor event!

A boho bachelorette party is an excellent opportunity to combine relaxation in nature with ethereal decorations or even the idyllic atmosphere of country life. The eclectic, artistic aesthetic will transform the garden into a magical land.

To provide the guests and the bride-to-be with attractions, consider sauna sessions or jacuzzi baths. Such a bachelorette party will be filled with relaxation amidst nature.

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