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Bartosz posted 3 months ago

Hawaiian-style party in your garden - ideas, organization and decorations

Do you dream of escaping to a tropical island filled with palms and exotic flowers, even if just for one night? The answer to that is a Hawaiian-style party! See how to organize the event step by step, which will surely be remembered for a long time. Check out what decorations you’ll need to host such a party in your own garden!

Hawaiian-style party – is it worth organizing?

Probably everyone dreams of a moment of relaxation in a tropical paradise, where the rustle of palms is heard, and fruity cocktails are served in hollowed-out pineapples. No wonder then that Hawaiian-style parties are gaining popularity. With the right garden decoration, you’ll feel the exotic vacation atmosphere! It’s also a perfect opportunity to break the routine and introduce a bit of color into your daily life.

But is it worth organizing such a party? The answer is – definitely yes! Hawaiian style is not only visually attractive but also extremely versatile. It works great for birthdays, corporate events, or summer garden parties. The Hawaiian atmosphere can also be easily conjured up depending on the budget – from simple, handmade decorations to sophisticated scenic elements.

Decorations play a key role in creating the atmosphere here. They are the carriers of the style and mood of the party. Elements such as bamboo tables, lanterns, artificial palms, or colorful flower garlands can transform any space and give it a Hawaiian character. Smaller accessories, such as coconut cups, hollowed-out pineapples for drinks, tiki masks, straw skirts, and floral crowns for guests, should not be forgotten either. All this makes participants feel as if they have been transported to the other side of the world, although they are just in the garden.

A Hawaiian-style party is not just a trendy trend but also a unique opportunity to organize an event that will remain in the memory of participants for a long time. It’s an investment in good memories and a joyful atmosphere. So, if you are thinking of organizing such an event, do not hesitate any longer – the effect will surely exceed your expectations.

Hawaiian-themed invitations

Invitations are a key element, as they set the Hawaiian mood right from the start. You can make them yourself, using colorful paper flowers, bamboo pieces, and tropical motifs. If you prefer more modern solutions, there are online services where you can create electronic invitations in the chosen theme.

Creating a menu inspired by Hawaiian cuisine

When it comes to food, Hawaiian cuisine offers a wide range of flavors. Seafood, such as shrimp and squid, is a must, but also classic dishes like the popular poke bowl. Fruit salads with additions like mango and papaya are not only tasty but also colorful, which further emphasizes the style of the party. Don’t forget about delicious fruit-based cocktails. They will be the perfect complement to the entire menu.

Decorate your garden in Hawaiian style

Focus on furniture made from natural materials such as bamboo or rattan. Hammocks, sun loungers, or garden baskets made of synthetic rattan will be an additional asset. Also, set up a few tables where food and drinks will be placed.

What is essential for a Hawaiian-style party? Decorations like floral garlands, shells, and fishing nets are fundamental. You can also decorate garden umbrellas or pergolas with straw. Think about tropical patterns on cushions or napkins with Hawaiian motifs. Light garlands and paper lanterns are perfect for illuminating the space and giving it a unique atmosphere after dark. You can also invest in heaters that will provide not only light but also a pleasant temperature.

If you’re looking to elevate your Hawaiian party to the next level, consider making a tiki bar yourself from pallets or hiring one. This addition not only adds more flair and style but also serves as a fantastic decoration and a surefire way to enhance your party’s vibe.

A wedding, party, or birthday in Hawaiian style – entertainment

Create a playlist with Hawaiian music, reggae, or surf music. If possible, invite a live band to play songs in this style. Plan the organization of various games like coconut throwing or a contest for the best Hawaiian outfit. You can also offer guests to learn the hula dance!

Another interesting idea is to get a photo booth. Set up a special corner with props for taking pictures. Use all the typical Hawaiian elements like flowers, surfboards, or Hawaiian outfits there.

Hawaiian decorations – how to make them?

Organizing a Hawaiian-style party is not only an opportunity for fun but also a unique adventure related to decorating the space. Creating the right atmosphere requires considering several key elements, from color schemes and themes to appropriate accessories.

Hawaiian-style party: decorations – color schemes and themes

When it comes to colors, opt for vibrant and intense shades of blue, green, and yellow, reflecting the ocean, vegetation, and sun. The leading motifs are, of course, elements related to the beach and ocean, such as shells, starfish, or sand.

Hawaiian decorations related to the beach and ocean

Use elements such as fishing nets, beach umbrellas, and posts with ropes. They can provide interesting backgrounds for photographs or decorative accents around the table.

Tropical plants and flowers

Palms, ferns, and blooming plants are a must-have for any Hawaiian party. You can use them both as table decorations and elements creating an intimate, green space.

Floral garlands

Floral garlands will not only decorate the space but can also be a styling element for guests. You can make them from real flowers or paper.

Hawaiian-style lanterns

Lanterns are perfect for lighting the party area after dark. Paper models can be hung on trees, and glowing Tiki figurine lanterns can be placed at strategic points.

Hawaiian-style party – decorations you can make at home!

To create Lei floral garlands, it’s best to use colorful paper in various shades. You will also need scissors, glue, and thread. Check out how to make Hawaiian paper decorations step by step:

  1. Cut out flower shapes from paper of various thicknesses.
  2. Fold them in half and make cuts to give them volume.
  3. Glue several different layers together to create flowers.
  4. String them on a thread with a needle to make garlands – and it’s ready!

Such prepared decorations can be hung over the table, on trees, or on walls, creating a spectacular and original arrangement of the space. Everything depends on your creativity and imagination. Your guests can also wear them at the party!

Children’s Hawaiian-style birthday – entertainment for the kids

When organizing a Hawaiian-style birthday for children, you can’t forget about the youngest guests. Prepare an evening or afternoon full of excitement for them. What can the little ones do during this time? Opt for arts and crafts activities. Such as:

  • Making paper floral garlands – children love crafts, so creating floral garlands can be great fun for them. Just prepare colorful paper, scissors, and glue. Under the watchful eye of adults, the little ones can cut out flower shapes and assemble them into garlands, which can later be used for decoration.
  • Face painting – hire someone to paint faces, or if you have the skills, do it yourself. Themes can be related to Hawaii – flowers, palms, or even small waves or surfboards. It’s not only entertainment but also an additional styling element.
  • Games to find hidden Hawaiian treasures – hide various “treasures” related to the party theme in the garden, such as coconuts, small Hawaiian figures, or beads. Children can receive maps and clues to help them find these items. Whoever finds the most gets a prize!

Make sure the space for children is safe. Remove any dangerous items and ensure a soft ground. Hire a small tent, marquee or gazebo where children can rest or eat, have a meal and a place to protect themselves from unexpected rain or extreme heat. You can decorate this marquee or gazebo with Hawaiian-style decorations.

Hawaiian party – now you know how to throw it in the garden!

Organizing a Hawaiian-style party is not only a great way to diversify a traditional gathering but also an unforgettable journey to a tropical land without the need to fly around the world. Remember, the key to success lies in the details and commitment, thanks to which both you and your guests will feel the true magic of Hawaii.

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