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Bartosz posted 2 months ago

Garden party - Decorations and accessories

How to prepare an unforgettable garden party? Decorations can transform your green space into a magical land. See which decorations are best for a garden party!

Create a unique atmosphere and choose decorations for a garden party

There’s nothing better than spending a warm summer evening in the garden with loved ones. It’s a perfect space for hosting a Saturday gathering with friends, but also for birthday parties, engagement parties, or baby showers. You can transform your garden into a magical land by planning themed decorations for a garden party.

What to focus on when choosing decorations? A garden party should have proper lighting, ideally prepared seating areas, garden furniture for dining, and decorations that set the mood (candles, tablecloths, cushions, etc.). You might also consider a thematic decor for an outdoor gathering, such as “Happy Birthday” balloons or a blue-and-pink table setting for a baby shower

Garden Party: Lighting Decorations – Key to a Magical Atmosphere

Lighting can create a unique atmosphere in the garden. Use lanterns, strings of LED lights, or even simple candles to create a warm and cozy environment. Lanterns hung on trees or bushes can add charm and uniqueness to every corner of the green space. However, be careful not to create a fire hazard.

Decorations for a garden party – cushions, throws, and fabric tablecloths will add color

Kilims, cushions, and sheets can be a great addition to your garden decor. Choose materials in various colors and patterns that fit the style of the garden party you are planning. You can lay them on the grass or hang them between trees, creating a pleasant and comfortable seating area.

Themed Garden Party Decorations – Emphasize the Character of the Event

Consider the theme of your garden party. It could be a classic picnic, a Hawaiian-style Lūʻau, or a boho evening. Depending on the chosen theme, you can select appropriate decorations, such as flowers, shells, or lanterns in specific shapes and colors.

Practical Accessories – Not Just Decorative, But Useful

Also think about practical accessories, such as trash bins, drink coasters, or napkin holders. Although these are small details, they can significantly affect the comfort and aesthetics of your event.

Garden Party Decorations Inspiration

If you are planning a garden party in your garden, be sure to pay attention to the details. What could better highlight the character of the party than carefully selected decorations? Here are a few stylish suggestions that will allow you to fully utilize the potential of the green space and create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Use Natural Elements of Vegetation

If your garden is rich in beautiful flowers, shrubs, or trees, use them as natural decorations. Instead of buying ready-made floral arrangements, place branches and flowers from your own beds in vases. This is not only economical, but also a perfect way to ensure that the entire arrangement fits naturally into the surroundings.

Create a Soothing and Cozy Atmosphere

Small additions can work wonders. Use elements such as lanterns, light garlands, or even simple candles to introduce a warm, pleasant mood.

Accessories like small fountains or the sound of water streams can also add a unique character to the party. Decorations for a garden party also include soft sitting cushions or blankets that guests can cover themselves with in case of cooling. Such a soothing and cozy atmosphere is a great idea for a baby shower, meeting with friends, or a romantic evening for two – including an engagement!

Diversity in Space Arrangement

Don’t limit yourself to one area in the garden. For example, you can designate a seating area with comfortable cushions and throws, create a dance corner with discreet lighting, and also organize a snack and drink station where guests can help themselves as they wish.

Color Accents

If you have favorite colors or a chosen theme for the party, try to ensure the decorations reflect them. For example, if your theme is Mediterranean colors, use blues, whites, and greens, both in textiles and in table decorations.

Garden Party – Table Decorations, Aesthetics, and Functionality

The table is the heart of every party – especially with a barbecue as the main event. If you don’t yet have the right equipment, check out garden tables and chairs.. Choose a set that fits into your space, not only during a big party.

Also focus on how you will store furniture off-season. If you’re not planning to hide them, choose materials resistant to water and frost, such as technorattan, properly impregnated wood, or metal.

What else will you need for a grill party? Decorations also include dishes that match the surroundings – ceramic plates and glass goblets will create a truly elegant atmosphere. Don’t forget about colorful napkins and fresh flowers, which will be a beautiful and functional addition to the arrangement.

Cover the table with a tablecloth. For a boho or rustic-style party, natural canvas or linen works well. If you’re planning a garden party for children, focus on finding coverings with fairy tale motifs. When preparing a country picnic, opt for a classic red-and-white checkered tablecloth.

If you’re hosting an American barbecue-style garden party, remember to have paper cups, plates, and cutlery with steak knives. You’ll also need ice buckets to keep soft drinks cold.

Prepare a special place for the grill master, the person who will be taking care of cooking the meat. Sometimes, grilling steaks, pork neck, or sausages is the main attraction of the evening. So, set up a separate table that will serve as a field kitchen. Here, the cook can freely put down dishes or tongs for flipping meat and vegetables.

DIY Garden Party Decorations

Organizing a garden party doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming if you use handmade decorations. With simple materials and a bit of creativity, you can create a truly unique atmosphere. Here are some ideas:

Can Lanterns

Old beverage cans can serve as original lanterns. Just make holes in them following a chosen pattern and place a small candle inside. You can hang this lighting on a tree or place it on the table.


Plywood and a few pieces of wood can be used to create signboards with inscriptions indicating different party zones: “Bar,” “Chill Zone,” “Grill.” Just add some paint, and you’re done!

Paper Garlands

A paper garland is easy to make and looks impressive. You can make it from colorful sheets of paper, cut out shapes, and connect them into a long line. It’s a great decoration not only for trees but also around the table.

Colorful Jars

Ordinary jars can become an interesting decoration if you fill them with colorful sand, stones, or shells. You can also add LED lights, which will make the glass decorations look beautiful after dark.

Garden Party – Party in the Garden: Decorations

Planning a garden party? Garden decorations can completely transform your space for the event. Focus on arranging garden furniture, preparing refreshments, lighting, and details such as lanterns, textiles, or table decorations.

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