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Bartosz posted 3 months ago

Birthday in the garden – what do you need to remember when organizing an outdoor garden party?

A garden birthday is a great party idea for both adults and children. See how to prepare an outdoor party step by step. We offer ideas for evening attractions!

Garden Birthdays – ideas for successful fun!

Organizing a birthday party in the garden is a great solution for those celebrating their special day in late spring or summer. This applies to both young celebrants and adults. How can you make a garden birthday a success? Here are some ideas!

Set the party theme

Choose a theme for the party to create a unique atmosphere. Organize a beach party, country picnic, Mexican fiesta with a piñata, boho style, or retro dress-up party. If you’re organizing a garden birthday party for someone, primarily consider the celebrant’s preferences.

If it’s a child’s garden birthday, themes can include fairy tale motifs, superheroes, pirate adventures, or treasure hunts. The theme of the party should be highlighted with appropriate decorations. It can also be reflected in the guests’ outfits and the food prepared.

Birthday BBQ or catering?

An extremely important element of a garden birthday party is the food. The simplest solution will be a birthday BBQ. What to serve the guests? The possibilities are endless – from classic sausages, burgers, and skewers, to vegetarian grilled dishes. Don’t forget about desserts, such as birthday cake, ice cream, or fruit. However, if you’re not up for preparing the food yourself, order catering. If it’s a large party, you can even set up a bar in the garden and hire a bartender to prepare fancy drinks.

Garden birthday with games and fun

Games and activities are party elements that often integrate guests the most. Plan quizzes, puzzles, or charades in advance. Prepare card games or board games that will engage participants of the birthday garden party. If you have enough space in the garden, consider sports attractions. Games like badminton, frisbee, basketball, or football are great entertainment for both children and adults. Sports competitions often become a reason for smiles.

Hire or make a homemade photo booth

What other attractions can you provide for a child’s garden birthday? A photo booth is a way to capture beautiful memories and great fun! For a large party, you can hire a photo booth, special photography company that will provide equipment and accessories for photos. You can also prepare an amateur photo booth. You will need a camera that instantly prints photos or a printer for taken pictures. Also, gather some props and an interesting background. Provide a guest book where guests can stick polaroids and write wishes.

Organize boho-style tents

A popular theme for garden parties is setting up tents. You can hire marquee, tipi or yurts in boho style. They can be decorated with soft carpets, pillows, blankets, and a large number of lanterns and light strings. Boho-style tents are an excellent idea for teenagers’ birthdays.

Organize an outdoor movie screening

If the party will last into the late evening, consider hiring a projector or hire home cinema. With it, you can do an outdoor movie screening! The screen can be made from a large, white sheet. Prepare chairs or blankets and pillows for guests to comfortably settle down.

How to organize a garden birthday party step by step? What you need to remember!

To throw a successful garden birthday party, plan the entire event well in advance. Below you will find a helpful guide on how to organize a birthday BBQ in the garden.

Step 1. Set the date of the party
First, take a calendar and think about when the party will take place. Check the weather forecast in advance.

Step 2: Define the budget
Before you start planning the details, decide how much you want to spend on the party. This will help you make decisions regarding food or decorations. Often, the budget depends on the number of guests.

Step 3: Invite guests
Decide whom you want to invite to the garden party. If it’s a birthday BBQ for a child, consider whether you are inviting just the kids, or if you want to include a party for the parents as well. Send out invitations about 2 weeks in advance.

Step 4: Plan the menu and shop in advance
Decide what you will serve. Will it be a BBQ, catering, or homemade dishes? Remember options for those with special dietary requirements. Don’t leave grocery shopping and cooking to the last minute. If you plan to grill, designate one person to handle the grill. Also, remember to stock the bar and prepare non-alcoholic beverages. An extremely important part of any birthday party is, of course, the birthday cake with candles for the celebrant. Order it from a bakery a few days in advance or bake it yourself at least one day earlier.

Step 5: Garden decorations and lighting
On the day of the party, decorate your garden with balloons, garlands, lanterns, fairy lights, or banners. If you have a specific theme for the party, gather decorations that will transform the space into a Mexican Riviera, a festival yurt, or a superhero headquarters. If the party is going to last into the late evening, make sure you have proper lighting so guests can move around the garden safely.

Step 6: Plan the course of the party
Outline the party schedule, including when meals will be served, games and activities will take place, and decide when dance music will start playing.

Step 7: Music
Decide whether you want to hire a DJ, a band, or make a playlist. Ensure the music fits the age group and tastes of the guests.

Step 8: Prepare the party area
A few days before the party, take a closer look at the garden. Make sure the space is tidy and ready for guests. Take care of seating, tables, the grill, or even a dance and games area.

Step 9: Plan B for bad weather
The weather can be unpredictable! Therefore, always prepare a plan B in case of rain or cold. Consider hiring a tent, marquee, gazebo or the possibility of moving the party indoors.

Garden furniture and accessories useful during an outdoor birthday party

Whether the planned event is a birthday BBQ, a lavish dinner, or a picnic, you’ll find garden furniture useful. If you plan to serve meals, you must have enough tables and chairs for your guests. You might also consider renting tables and chairs if you don’t have space to store extra garden furniture or simply don’t anticipate using them again. Also, prepare dinnerware and cutlery. You can use disposable dishes for convenience. Organize a relaxation corner as well. Place sun loungers, armchairs, or hammocks there, where guests can rest and have quiet conversations.

If you’re planning a daytime birthday BBQ for a child, think about sun protection. Garden umbrellas or party tents: marquee, gazebo, pagoda, yurt, tipi, that provide necessary shade for guests will be helpful. Moreover, these garden accessories will also come in handy in case of rain. In case of bad weather, garden heaters will also be useful. Finally, the most important thing, since a birthday BBQ can’t happen without… a grill! So, prepare the grate, charcoal, kindling, food trays, or a poker for coal.

Garden birthday – do you already have a plan for your party?

A garden birthday party in the summer is huge fun for the celebrant and the invited guests. Start planning the event well in advance. Prepare your garden for the occasion – think about garden furniture, decorations, marquee and lighting.

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