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Bartosz posted 3 months ago

Baby shower – what is it and how to prepare an outdoor party?

Future moms and their friends are increasingly opting to organize a baby shower. What is it? It’s a celebration borrowed from American tradition, held to celebrate the birth of a child and to honor motherhood. How to organize a baby shower in the garden? Here’s our guide.

What is a baby shower? The tradition of celebrating impending parenthood

What is a baby shower? It’s a party organized for the expectant mother to celebrate her upcoming parenthood. This tradition is especially popular in the United States and in the UK. Who organizes a baby shower? The party is usually organized not by the mom but for the mom. It is primarily prepared by her closest friends, the future grandmother, or the expecting woman’s sisters. The ceremony most often takes place among women. However, it’s also common for the future dad to join the celebration at some point.

Due to the nature of the event, a baby shower is planned during the day. At such gatherings, the future mom is gifted with presents intended to help her in the first months after the child’s birth.

An important aspect of every baby shower is the exchange of experiences and advice on motherhood. Experienced parents can share their knowledge and tips with future parents.

Baby shower in the garden – how to plan it?

Organizing a baby shower in the garden, outdoors, can be a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child surrounded by nature. However, to ensure a successful event, careful planning and consideration of several key steps are necessary.

When to have a baby shower? Setting the date and choosing a location

A baby shower is most often organized towards the end of the pregnancy – in the 7th, 8th, or even 9th month. When planning the party, it’s important to consider the future mom’s well-being.

When setting a date for a garden baby shower, it’s important to check the weather forecast. Summer and early autumn are usually the best times of the year to organize such events outdoors, due to higher temperatures and a lower risk of rain.

And where should the event take place? A baby shower should be held in a beautiful setting. The chosen location must also have enough space for guests. Interesting ideas for a baby shower? Consider places like private gardens, city parks, or recreational areas with the appropriate infrastructure – garden furniture, a place for food preparation, good lighting, or music. It’s also important to have a shelter in case of bad weather, such as a gazebo or marquee.

Guest list and invitations for a baby shower

The next step is creating a guest list. It’s a good idea to consult with the future mom to ensure that all the important people to her are invited. After establishing such a list, prepare and send out invitations, preferably a few weeks in advance, so guests can reserve the designated date. Invitations can be either traditional, paper ones or electronic. Make sure they aesthetically match the overall party and the main theme.

Choosing a theme for the baby shower

Actually, choosing a main theme will make it easier for you to organize the baby shower in the garden. The theme can be inspired by the season, location, favorite topics, or interests of the future mom.

The main theme can be reflected in the decorations, invitations, and even in the menu. For example, if the mom is a fan of floral, rustic compositions, prepare the party scene according to her preferences. Opt for field bouquets of flowers, wooden tables decorated with lace tablecloths, and benches adorned with natural cushions.

You can also draw inspiration from nature, seasons, colors, or even favorite books or movies. Interesting ideas for a garden baby shower include: “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Secret Garden,” boho chic, “The Jungle Book,” or the Victorian atmosphere from Jane Austen’s novels.

Decorations arrangement for a baby shower

As we mentioned earlier, the choice of decorations should be consistent with the main theme of the party. Use garlands, balloons, flowers, lanterns, or candles to add charm to the place and create a cozy atmosphere. For example, for a baby shower with a “Secret Garden” theme, you can use floral garlands and bouquets of seasonal flowers.

Moreover, consider DIY (do it yourself) and economical decorative solutions. Handmade decorations, such as paper flowers, homemade garlands, or decorative jars, can add a personal touch to the celebration while simultaneously reducing costs.

When planning the venue arrangement, remember a few issues:

  • guest comfort — provide an adequate number of seats and shaded areas so guests can rest and protect themselves from the sun. You can hire marquee, chairs and tables.
  • activity zones — designate areas for different activities, such as a dining area, a play zone for children (if they are invited), and a place where the future mom will be showered with gifts.
  • safety — ensure that the terrain is safe and there are no obstacles that could pose a threat, especially if children are among the invited guests.

Organizing games and attractions for a baby shower

Engaging games and other attractions are important elements of every baby shower. Plan them so that the future mom is the center of attention.

One popular game involves guessing the circumference of the future mom’s belly. This is done using a ribbon or string. Each participant uses it to determine how much ribbon or string is needed to wrap around the future mom’s belly. The person who estimates the size most accurately wins.

Another way to commemorate the baby shower is to collectively embroider a keepsake blanket. Provide enough material, fabric paints, and brushes so guests can decorate individual squares. After the party, sew them together to create a keepsake blanket for the baby.

You can also prepare a DIY jewelry-making workshop with beads. Participants will create colorful bracelets or necklaces that the future mom can wear or keep for the child as a keepsake.

Another way to spice up the baby shower could be creating a scrapbook with wishes for the baby! Set up a table with paper, colorful markers, stickers, and other decorations, along with a blank scrapbook. With these props, guests can prepare personalized cards with wishes for the future mom and her child.

Planning the Menu for a Baby Shower

The menu for a baby shower should be practical above all. When organizing an outdoor party, it’s a good idea to choose dishes that are easy to consume and serve. Opt for a so-called cold platter. You might venture to create an elegant English afternoon tea with sophisticated sandwiches, desserts, and tea.

What works well for a garden baby shower?

  • Sandwiches and wraps — these can be prepared well in advance or even ordered from a catering company,
  • Fruit or vegetable skewers — not only healthy but also colorful and easy to eat without utensils,
  • Trendy salads in jars — a practical and aesthetic solution! Just unscrew the jar and it’s ready,
  • Hand-held desserts — e.g., small tiramisu in jars or puddings in cups.

For drinks, variety is important. Consider options like fresh juices, flavored water, lemonades, and both non-alcoholic and alcoholic options (if the future mom doesn’t mind). You can also prepare a special, theme-based welcome drink that matches the party’s main theme.

Garden Baby Shower — Preparation for Various Weather Conditions

When organizing an outdoor baby shower, remember to prepare for various weather conditions. You have different solutions to choose from:

Marquees— setting up tents: marquee, gazebo can provide shelter from the rain and create a cozy space for guests. Ensure they are adequately secured to handle stronger winds.
Plan B — always have a backup plan in case of a sudden weather change. This could be moving the party indoors or designating an alternative location with a roof.
Umbrellas and canopies — providing enough sun umbrellas or canopies can protect guests from intense sunlight, especially during peak sun exposure hours.
Windbreaks — in some cases, consider using portable windbreaks to reduce the wind’s impact on the party area. Also, remember to securely fasten all decorations.

Organize an unforgettable garden baby shower!

A baby shower celebrates the future mom and her little one. On this day, everything is sweet, ethereal, and feminine. Organize a garden baby shower for your friend or sister. Think about the menu, games, and decorations, and garden furniture that will fit the atmosphere of the party.

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